Workout for water

In November 2017 we came together as One Tribe to achieve something incredible.

Les Mills' June release next year will make it easy for Clubs and Instructors to run Workout for Water events and the funds we raise will help UNICEF to build solar-powered water projects in Ethiopia.

Why should you do it? Helping others is proven to bring new people to your clubs… and a workout for good is always a good idea.

Save the June quarter now and let’s get ready to move the world.

Did you know that helping others is actually beneficial for your own mental health and wellbeing? It can help reduce stress, improve your emotional wellbeing and even benefit your physical health.

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in 2017 We changed lives

65 countries, 2,500 fundraisers, over USD$1 million raised for children in need.

All over the world our Les Mills Tribe united around one cause to deliver a life-changing gift for children. We raised over a million dollars to help UNICEF improve the lives of thousands in children in East Africa by supplying communities with safe and sustainable water.

Because of our effort, thousands fewer children are having to walk miles every day to collect water from contaminated sources. Families aren't struggling because we've helped to supply them with water for their crops. Thousands more children are healthy and safe from diseases that get passed on through dirty water.

An event like Workout for Water had never been done before, and we are so proud of what we achieved together. And that's just the start, because in 2019 we’re doing it again - and we’ll do it better than ever.

Save the date now and get ready to Workout for Water together from June 2019.

How much did we raise?

Our fundraisers' energy and commitment was outstanding, and we were thrilled with the amount of money raised for children around the world.


Average donation value

Workout for Water fundraisers reached out to their family, friends and networks who supported them generously.


Average raised per fundraiser

This is more than the cost of building a water pump that can support an entire community in need of safe and clean drinking water.


Total amount raised

Including USD$705,679 raised on, USD$250,000 in matched funding from Les Mills, USD$100,000 from Basic Fit, and USD$47,617 from special events in China and Germany.

Where is the money going?

The money raised is going to help provide safe water, sanitation, hygiene and education to children in need.

The money raised through Workout for Water will make a life-changing difference to children around the world. Families will be provided with access to safe and sustainable water through pumps installed in their communities, and they'll have access to improved sanitation and hygiene services to keep them healthy. That means that children spend less time collecting water and more time learning and playing.

By increasing the number of water pumps available, UNICEF also helps to reduce the dangers that women and girls face from sexual violence, when they have to walk long distances alone to find water.

It's not just access to water that our donations have made possible though. Because the money raised through Workout for Water goes to UNICEF's flexible 'Regular Resources' fund, it means we've helped UNICEF to provide a whole variety of life-saving services to children and their families without restrictions. Our donations really have made the greatest possible impact for children.

Meet esther and her classmates

See how your fundraising efforts have made life so much easier for Esther, Elia and Kindo.

In a village called Yambio in South Sudan, 9-year-old Esther is finally able to drink clean, safe and sustainable water from a solar powered pump right inside her school. It might seem like a simple thing, but this pump has made an incredible difference to the lives of the 700 students and their community.

Esther knows just how important clean water is – it keeps people alive she says, and she’s right. Before the water system was installed, kids used to miss class because they had to spend so much time collecting water for their families. They would walk long distances, often to dirty and unprotected water sources multiple times a day, lugging their heavy buckets back home. Now there is enough clean water for everyone to drink and wash their hands whenever they want.

Brothers Elia and Kindo collect water for their family from the communal tap during their lunchbreak at school. It only takes them about three minutes to walk back home with their jerry cans full of clean water, giving them plenty of time to play sport, which they love. Elia, 15, says that he’s much better at football than his younger brother Kindo, then bursts out laughing.

Children like Esther, Elia, Kindo and their classmates know how lucky they are to have a water pump in their school, and as they splash around collecting water and washing their faces and hands, there are smiles and laughter. This pump has made a difference and this is just one of the stories your generosity has enabled.

One tribe

The passion and support of Les Mills' incredible tribe of Instructors were what made Workout for Water 2017 such a success.

Leading the fundraising charge for Les Mills' Tribe was USA Instructor Scott Martin, Tommi Wong from New Zealand and Ainara Cabello of Spain. Because of their fantastic fundraising efforts, Scott and Ainara got the chance to travel to New Zealand for Masterclass filming in February 2018.

scott martin, usa

The second Workout for Water was announced I knew it was going down! Les Mills instructors talk a big game about changing the world and I feel like we deliver on this pledge. Workout for Water was as an opportunity to further that mission. I had never done anything quite like this and figured I could do my part to raise some money.

Lastly, it’s WATER for crying out loud! In the US having access to clean water at the turn of a handle is a luxury that we are so accustomed to. We are almost ignorant about water’s true grip on our survival. The knowledge that there are other humans around the world without this basic human necessity is heart-breaking and I feel like it’s our duty to help those around us that are in need. In a way these acts of kindness are like paying our metaphorical rent to Earth.

Tommi wong, new Zealand

This is such a fantastic way to give back and I felt so fortunate to be a part of it. I love a great workout and Workout for Water is a great cause! This just really spoke to me so there were no second thoughts about getting behind it. I want to give help whenever I can.

The best moment was seeing how supportive and generous everyone was of this great cause, and also how much we have each other’s back. This is such a great cause that Jackie Mills has created by partnering with UNICEF. We all are so fortunate to be in a place where we can help and give back so hopefully next year there will be more Instructors getting behind this.

Ainara Cabello, SPAIN

I'm a person who is always willing and ready to help people in need. I'm always trying to help animals too. Les Mills and UNICEF gave us the way to help children!!! So I was ready to do it!! The best moment was when my boss told me that the club was going to donate all revenue from 18th November to 24th November!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! And of course, teaching Workout For Water classes and seeing how the donations page increased, was an amazing feeling.

The biggest challenge... explaining to my coordinator and club owner what Workout for Water was, the great cause it was and the amazing opportunity it was for our club. Once I did it, everyone loved the idea, got involved and it was so easy!!


Thousands of Workout for Water participants from all over the world shared their workouts on social media by tagging #workoutforwater. See more Instagram photos here.

Celebrity support

Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom, P!nk and Kids United all showed their support for Workout for Water.


Transactions through the website




page views per fundraising page

World children's day

Workout for Water 2017 was the primary fundraiser for World Children's Day. Held on the same weekend in November 2017, these two events saw people from all over the world celebrating children and raising money through fitness for kids in need.

Jackie Mills and the amazing team at Les Mills developed and filmed an engagement video for schools to participate in World Children's Day 2017. Kids learned the World Children's Day dance moves from the video and united together through dance on November 20th 2017 in a massive global celebration. From Namibia to Moldova, from Ecuador to Cyprus, children moved the world.

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