Tommi Wong KM

Lesmills Britomart / Victoria

Join our Workout for Water tribe...

A child is sent to collect water for her family and this journey is a 4 hours trip…. They are usually faced with lots of dangers like wild animals and slipping/falling breaking their bones from carrying those heavy water filled jerry cans …. On top of they don’t get an opportunity to get an education….  

We can help…

I am in a quest to help in anyways I can. We, Lesmills are raising funds to help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

Join me together to make a difference.

Any amounts is very much appreciated….

Or join me to start fundraising

#waterislife #OURKM #Kindnessmovement

with Love <3>

Tommi xx

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Rob & Sara Fyfe


Batman ?

H2Go Tommi Go! Looking forward to riding for water and seeing if anyone can top Roscoe’s outfit!


Keith Johnson

Go Tommi your a Star


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Fizzy & Lee

Go Tommi! Can't wait to see what you wear for this one. Right beside you sista x



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Jason Persico

Love your work today Tom Tom and snowflake ..haha!


Judy, Piccolo & Latte

Go Tommi!


Rob Davies

You are amazing young lady . If we had more good peeps in the world like you it would be an amazing place to live .😎🙃


T Williams

Keep up the awesome work Tommy!! You're superb. Vinaka vaka levu Talei.


Quintus Chan


Katrina Browne

Way to go Tommi helping these poor people, you are amazing! 🤗 xx


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Tommi Wong



Go Tommi, wonderful work


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Go go go TW


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