Jo Perkins

Les Mills International

This is absolutely terrifying

I work for an company whose mission statement is to create a fitter planet, and they live that out by doing so much more than 'business as usual'. We partnered with UNICEF in order to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves. And this year our Workout for Water is raising funds to help UNICEF complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

My challenge for this event is to complete every single class that Les Mills offers.

You may be wondering why that's even a big deal..."Jo goes to the gym all the time" you say..."that's not a challenge - it's just an excuse to do more exercise".

Trust me.
This is not my idea of fun. 
And I truly do not want to do it. 

Which is exactly that point.
Why would you donate to me, even if for an amazing cause, if I'm doing something easy and fun?! 

I know how to bowl a cricket ball and kick a soccer ball, but get me walking up on a step whilst simultaneously moving my arms in time to music and you've got yourself a comedy show. I'm outside my comfort zone just thinking about hip hoppin' and donkey kickin', so this is all going to be quite dramatic. 

There are 20 classes I need to complete, and I will ensure proof of each is captured.

SO - if you would like to help me achieve my goal of raising NZ$1000 for UNICEF + watch my new career as a high intensity martial arts ballerina take off, please donate to my page. 

Check out our team page - BODYEVERYTHING - for all the details of classes.
And if you're interested in joining in on the action, but don't have a Les Mills gym membership hit me up. 


Thank you to my Sponsors


Jo Perkins


Nick Tyler

Good challenge - Hope you reach your target. Clean water via renewable technology is achievable - it just needs people like you to show it can be affordable too.


Sonia Youle

Great stuff Jo! Proud of you and can’t wait to see the evidence...hope it’s a video!


Robyn Perkins


The Tylers

Got Jo! We think this is excellent. Em and Dan


Ruchsael Mcn

Wishing you all the best with your rhythmic elastic band ninja training.





I cannot wait to see the evidence 👏