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... and help us change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

You can fundraise with us, donate now and join our movement to create a fitter planet. Every USD$450 we raise can provide 12 children a lifetime of clean water.

My Updates

Day 7

Last day of the Walk

THANK YOU !! to all the fantastic friends, family members and colleagues who have supported my Walk for Water! You have helped to make this a great experience.

But more importantly, you are helping UNICEF bring water to children who may never meet you, but who can now have a fundamentally changed life.

Thanks to water. We all need to cherish it.

Distance today:

Sentier des Falaises de St Jean circuit morning and evening: 2 x 4k

                         Total Walk for Water overall: 57km.

                              Every single step counts.



Day 6

Imagining no water

It's hard to imagine a life without simple access to clean, safe water. We are all in danger of losing it. How easily we take it for granted, when there are millions who need access to water so desperately.

I passed my fundraising goal - THANK YOU again for your support! - and I passed the marathon mark.

But still walking for water..


Charmilles to Jardin Botanique:3k

Jardin Botaniaque to Charmilles: 3k

Falaises de St Jean:  4k

Today's total: 10k

Overall total so far: 49k

Day 5

Walk and learn

More circuits in the Jardin Botanique over lunch hour.

I couldn't help thinking about how the daily distance to water for so many children in Ethiopia inevitably creates distance between them and education. Here's a picture of a walkway in the Jardin, designed to be a learning experience - different sensory qualities under your feet. Free education in a lush, green landscape, with clean, safe water points.

Today's total: 10k

Charmilles to Jardin Botanique:3k

Circuits of the Jardin: 4k

Jardin Botanique to Charmilles: 3k 

Overall total so far: 39k

Thank you for helping me to pass my donations goal!

Day 4

Switzerland has hundreds - possibly thousands - of drinking water fountains like this one in the Jardin Botanique, Geneva.

A fountain like this would be completely life-changing to children in Ethiopia.

Filled my water bottle to maintain the 4L weight on my back.

Overall total so far: 29k

Todays's total: 10k

Charmilles to Jardin Botanique: 3k

Jardin Botanique circuits: 4k

Jardin Botanique to Charmilles: 3k

Day 3

Overall total so far: 19k

Today's workout total: 11k

Day 3

Charmilles to Jardin Botanique:3k

Jardin Botanique circuits and Parc Mon Repos: 5k

Jardin Botanique to Charmilles 3k

Thanks for the activity-tracker support to my lovely UNICEF colleagues and co-Walkers for Water, Judith and Samira (pictured)!

Day 2

Sentier des Falaises de St Jean circuit :4k

Day 1

Sentier des Falaises de St Jean circuit :4k

Day 2

A second walk/run today along the paths of the Falaises de Saint Jean, following the Rhone River. A bright and hot day, but unlike in Ethiopia, there is plenty of water.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dianne Berthelsdorf

Happy to help, good luck with your fundraising!


Robert Macnevin, Diana Alexander, Ellen Macnevin

Hi Betsy. Great cause, and the video link clearly brings home the need and reminds of all we probably should not take for granted. Bob, Diana, and Ellen


David Carralon

Betsy, great cause! Well done. Here’s my support!


Tom Riley

Well done Betsy, here's a donation from Mum and I :)


Kay Herrod

Good luck xxx


Sarah Lucas

Well done and Good Luck Betsy! A great cause.xx



Well done, Betsy! Proud of you :)




Wilma Gamboa-guez

Wonderful way to help out Betsy! All the best to you and the Workout for Water tribe, and the children who will finally get clean water.


Judith Binz

Happy walking - we'll probably do a few kms together!


Helen Fleming

Hi Bets, a very worthy cause. Helen xxx