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... and help us change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. in order to reach my goal I will go to the boxing gym down the road every week for the next few months, each session goes for about an hour and a half, I'm also challenging myself to go for a 5k run every week. please donate to this page so I can reach my fundraising goal.    

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I'm pretty sure all of you donating know who I am but you might not know why I'm doing this, well my dad Chris rae is the project manager for work out for water so I heard about it basically in dinner time conversations. then at school, we started doing projects in English class, I wasn't really sure what to do for mine but I was talking to Dad about doing work out for water separately from school and he suggested doing it for my project which is what I ended up doing. so for the project we had to research our chosen topic and once I started researching I found out stuff I never thought would be linked to the issue like the fact that 80% of households rely on girls and woman for water collection, this means that a lot of girls living in places under water stress are not getting a full education. not going to school is something I just couldn't imagine because most of my time is spent at school, and while likely any kid you meet will complain about school the truth is most of us wouldn't want to give it up. and now that iv done all this research on what the problem is I'm glad that I can do this fundraiser and be part of the solution.   


just thought I would show this article because it really  spoke to me and it brings up points you wouldn't think about when it comes to water and sanitation, but it is an issue and it should be talked about not covered up.

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Well done Frankie, such a good cause, keep boxing for girls. of the world.


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Well done Frankie from your cousins in Liverpool


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Awesome, amazing Frankie. We love you so much


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Well done frankie from grandma &grandad


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What a fabulous campaign to be a part of, Frankie. So proud of you and impressed by your passion!


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Good luck! It's a great project 😊



Awesome Frankie. Happy Birthday from Matia.



Awesome project.. Good on you for taking it on


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Happy Birthday Frankie - What a great thing you are doing. From Hannah


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Happy birthday Frankie! Awesome work you are doing! Keep it up!!


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