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... and help us change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

You can fundraise with us, donate now and join our movement to create a fitter planet. 

My Updates


     I can't wait to to see you all at 24 Hour Fitness Castle Hills,TX  on June 12th at 8:30am and 24 Hour Fitness Allen, TX June 16th at 10:30am for the launch of the new LesMills BodyCombat 80! 

     To value and be grateful for our health and happiness is truly my motto.  By taking value in my health I stay fit and healthy through nutrition and exercise. I love pushing myself to limits that are challenging. Your mind and body respsond to those challenges making your stronger. I challenge you too by joining me for the launch of the new LesMill formats.  This new BodyCombat workout is really amazing. I know you all are going to love it as much as I do. Never tried BodyCombat? Now is the time! 

     Because I am very grateful for my health and my life, givng back and help others is important to me. We all get very busy in life and our own schedules we fail to see what is going on around us. I know when life gets hard or things go wrong, there are always others that have less and are going through more than me. I am proud to help sponser and support LesMills/UNICEF in their quest to build a solar energy plant to bring water to the the childeren in Ethiopia.  UNICEF is doing great things and you can help too. Workout For Water and donate:)


Value Your Health and Happiness,




Thank you to my Sponsors


Jeannie Warfel