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HealthQuest of Flemington NJ will be hosting a one day Workout for Water Charity Fundraiser, open to the public.  All Group Exercise classes on 10/26/2019 from 7am - 1pm, will be open only to donors who donate $50 & up. The event will feature a team of 15 amazing National/ International Les Mills Presenters along with awesome local instructors who will be debuting the new releases of all our Les Mills classes.  Check out the class schedule here!

Additionally, we will host a live DJ, Difference Makers Grill Out with food/drinks for the participants from 11am-3pm, and a local Silent Basket Auction throughout the day. 

How do I sign up?

1) If you would like to participate in this awesome event, please donate a minimum of $50.  Once your donation is made, you will receive an email with a link to reserve your classes.  Please note this is not an automated system.  Don't forget to register for your individual classes as space is limited! The link you receive is specific to you, please do not forward. 

2) If you would like to help us change the lives of families who are drastically affected due to lack of access to clean water but are unable to participate in our planned event, feel free to donate directly to this page!
Please email with questions or problems. 

Whether you donate $1 or $50, your donation counts! Thank you for being a part of this important cause!

My Updates

Incredible Impact and amazing energy!

Whether or not you were able to attend our Workout for Water (WOFW) event at Healthquest this past weekend, if you shared, donated or learned more about the cause, you made an impact. The event was a huge success, surpassing our initial goal of $10k by more than 50%. We were able to raise enough funds to provide clean water for over 400 children for their LIFETIME! This event was the single largest fundraising event for WOFW...Globally!! The support does not have to stop here, we will be continuing our efforts throughout the end of the year, so help us continue to break barriers and change lives! 

Register now!

Workout for Water is tomorrow, Saturday 10/26!! Make sure you have submitted your $50 donation to receive the registration link! 

Here's an updated link to the Workout for Water Class Schedule - 4 classes are full already!

Where are the funds we raise going to and what's the impact?

In 2016, construction was started on Phase One of a multi-village rural piped system in the Lega area of Awabel Woreda, Amhara, in order to counteract the ongoing drought and provide a sustainable and climate-resilient water source. The completed water system has 59 km of pipe line connected to 21 villages, 6 schools and 3 health facilities. The project is now benefitting 25,000 people and over 6,000 children within the surrounding 27 kilometres – it has been an overwhelming success and will continue to deliver clean, safe and sustainable water to the community for generations. By addressing long term sustainability, this project has marked a shift away from the traditional, shallow water sources that are seriously impacted by the effects of climate change.

In 2018 a similar climate-resilient, rural piped water system was deployed in the Yelam Gej area of Amhara. In 2019 UNICEF, in collaboration with Workout for Water and Les Mills, will raise funds to initiate Phase Two of the Lega and Yelam Gej water systems. By extending the reach of the water systems, the project will reach an additional 50,000 people and target 20,824 people who are experiencing severe water deficiency.

Why is the Workout for Water Fundraiser important?

The Amhara region of Ethiopia is located in the north-western part of the country. It has been critically affected by the 2015/2016 El Niño which has driven an ongoing massive drought impacting over one and a half million people. 

  • Farm production has been severely impacted, contributing to malnutrition 
  • The availability of community shallow water points has decreased 
  • Children and women are now spending the majority of their day fetching water from remote areas 
  • The water they collect is insufficient in terms of quantity and safety with incidences of water-borne diseases 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for supporting this effort whether it's through a donation or by sharing this cause with others.

I'm looking forward to our 10/26 Workout for Water event to celebrate our achievements in making a difference for 1000's in Ethiopia!

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