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... and help us change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

You can fundraise with us, donate now and join our movement to create a fitter planet. Every USD$450 we raise can provide 12 children a lifetime of clean water.

My Updates

Goal Reached and Surpassed!!!

Wow y'all, I have reached my goal and surpassed it thanks to some very generous donations! 

Although I've "reached my goal" I am going to continue to fundraise as the goal of Workout for Water is to raise enough money to build a fully sustainable multi-village solar-powered water system in the Amhara region of Ethiopia and the more money we can raise, the closer we'll get towards that goal. Even if you can only afford to donate a few dollars, every little bit counts towards building a sustainable water source! 


Thanks to all of y'all who have already donated! 


Why I'm Fundraising for Workout for Water

Hey all! I've decided to sign up for Les Mills' 2019 Workout for Water Fundraiser. There are two reasons I've signed up for to participate in this fundraiser. 1 is a completely selfish which I'll elaborate on later, but the other is to help bring clean drinking water to children and families in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Currently these families have to hike 4 hours to get clean drinking water. I'm sitting in an airport and just refilled my water bottle in a water bottle refilling station with no cost to me. Round trip, it took me about 30 seconds. Could you imagine walking 4 hours in the heat just to get clean drinking water? Les Mills and UNICEF have partnered together to raise funds to help to bring a clean and sustainable drinking source for all the children in. Instead of a 4 hour walk, these families will have just a 10-minute walk.

I also said I have a selfish reason to participate in this fundraiser. Originally I was going to just donate money to someone else's fundraiser, but Les Mills has sweetened the deal for us instructors. Any LM instructor who is able to raise $1000 by August 31st has the opportunity to record him/herself teaching a track from their format and send it in to the amazing LM Masters that be. 5 lucky LM instructors who submit videos will have the opportunity to go to New Zealand and share the stage and shadow the LM team while they record master classes that are sent to all of the the LM Instructors that help us learn and deliver fantastic workouts to the members at all of our locations. Everyone else (which, let's be honest, I will not be one of the lucky 5 selected) will get feedback from one of the amazing LM Coaches. If you don't know much about Les Mills, the LM Master Presenters and Coaches are the ones who choreograph and instruct the programs and help shape all of us into becoming better instructors to coach effective and killer classes for our members. Getting feedback from any Les Mills Trainer/Presenter can help instructors really hone their coaching talents. Getting feedback from the LM Master Trainer and Presenters can be absolutely life-changing (literally these are our heroes and celebrities).

Whatever your reason for donating...the most important obviously being to help bring water to children in the villages of Ethiopia, the least important being helping your friend reach very minimal celebrity status by getting coaching feedback from her all time BodyPump heroes, it is greatly appreciated. Even if you can only a few dollars, $38 (which will provide water for the rest of just ONE child's lifetime), or even more, please consider donating to help provide clean drinking water to the families in Ethiopia. If you can't donate, please consider sharing this page to your friends. Thanks for reading and considering!

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Alison Cain

You go Julia! You are inspirational!


Carla And Ted Davies

We are a so proud that you are doing this Julia. Way to go! Fingers crossed 🤞 that you are selected❤️


Mark Fraser

Love you and proud of you!




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Proud of you - go Julia!!!!


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Great Julia! Keep doing great things!


Julia Fraser


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Bravo !