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My target 400 kms

Join our Workout for Water tribe...

... and help us change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

You can fundraise with us, donate now and join our movement to create a fitter planet. Every USD$450 we raise can provide 12 children a lifetime of clean water.

My Updates

Hand Washing

In these days, during the Covid infection time, it is crucial to wash our hands. 

I would like to pull your attention to this fundraising activity, where one can donate to bring clean water to remote places in Ethiopia. 


29th of February

If you haven`t donated yet on a Leap Day, this is your chance! Don`t miss it otherwise you`ll need to wait a lot to do so.

January 22



Last week we received our first anonym donation! 

So this is a possibility too via this site! 

THANK to you all who already gave your contribution.

Year end reflection

At the last day of the year I finished work while the sun was still up.

I wish everyone a sunny 2020! 

And if you haven`t donated yet, please choose my site and the this Unicef project for WATER!


"How fundraising and body building can be pooled and what is the relationship between the two?

1.) building symapthy by "body building"

2.) advertising the site and the opportunity to donate"


Recently I catched an other flu and I carry all the Christmas fever too. En plus I had some adminisitrative obstacles so not much done for this Unicef fundraising project.

However my little fundraisers are kept on "working out" in the mornings and we received donations what made us very proud!

We are in a holiday season and people tend to help each other more than usual, so if you haven't found yet a site or cause to donate, please use this opportunity to do so!



I did not stop exersicing but could not post here for a week.

My fundraising activity is improving so I keep on moving with my family.

I`d like to thank all my sponsors so far and I`ll keep you posted how things are advancing! 

The money will surely reach Ethiopia as this is a Unicef project initiated by the New Zealand National Committee. 


Our walking distance goal has been completed. Now it is time to reach our fundraising goal!


Today we had a guest exerciser; my sister in law, who was baby sitting yesterday evening and could sleep over.



we start early to get ready



How fundraising and body building can be pooled and what is the relationship between the two?

1.) building symapthy by "body building"

2.) advertising the site and the opportunity to donate


Keep on moovin!


Getting in the moving mood half past 6 isn`t easy but fetching water in remote places can be even more difficult. 

So I keep on my fundraising activity and on the meanwhile I keep up my exercising spirit.


So I skipped 2 weekdays post but did not stopped the exersises. 


My 6 years old Koni painted the dirty water scene on silk.

He pained houses and the waves of a Tsunami.


I uploaded a silk painting done by 4 years old Hedvig. We take part in the Unicef drawing challange to celebrate the 30th annyiversary of Child`s Rights. 


~Every Child has the right to have clean water~ 





Listen to the Work Out for Water anthem!


So we start our day at 6.30 latest and I instantly switch on the song to get into the training mood.




The weather is getting slimy outside so the challange to make exersise is getting harder. It gets dark soon after 4pm.



False Friday

Tomorrow is the 1st of November, time to visit the cemeteries. 

Today I completed my profile and sent money to the Ethiopean project via the Work Out for Water site.

I can fully recommend to use the site for donation as it is very straightforward, easy and safe.



I`m so glad this Friday as Unicef`s Hungarian National Committee also tries to help the HARDEST TO REACH and somehow the global UNICEF can be the part of this!






Slowly I will get back to the sport life but so far I am only exercising my brain.


I allow myself to share the below site altough it is not directly connected to water.

Today is the 23rd of October and it is a sunny day. Back in 1956 it was the spark for the Hungarian revolution against opression.



To complete my profile I will donate too.


Watch 'Cold War' cartoon with Goofy.  



My sport activity equals to zero. 

I catched a flu.

Will continue fundraising anyway.


I am feeling jolly today as we celebrate my little daughter`s nameday. In Hungary we do celebrate name days as well and sometimes it is a bigger event than the birthday.

Here I share some information about harvesting water and I suggest via this site to everyone to follow up on any UN initiative which considers our precious water sources.




In terms of human well being and health WATER is crucial, not to talk about the srinking waterbodies all around the world. 

I could correct the walking effort recorded on my husband`s phone. 

I was wondering about my emails I sent already and when I checked I found out that not all mails were opened. So I might need to send them again from my personal mailbox.



My kids are getting into the sport for fundraising activity.



Well, well... I tried to upload the walking distances and somehow I ended up registering more than a tousand kms. 

We are enthusiastic but not that much!


This week starts with Sunday.








I skipped one day here on the workout4water site as we had our yearly team building. I will continue the fundraising until December and keep on writing here. About the workout, I am having plans to mobilize my family but still not yet implemented to my daily life.


I`m using the staircase for the workout...

Yesterday Unicef received the first donation from my effort. It made my day! 



My sport and budy building effort isn`t changed so munch given that I`m not the very sportif type of person but I`ll try my best to make an effort during the campaigne.


Day 4

Watch out for Unicef`s WASH program and learn about water initiatives here:


Day 3

WATER is must for all living soul!

Second Day

I`m not sure I can post here every day but I try to make the site more personal, so people I know would have a glimps of my pledge. 

The ones who do not know me but still find the cause nobel and wish to help somehow, please donate.


First DAY

Here we go the Chiovini Family, starting the fundraising for UNICEF.


Thank you to my Sponsors


William Andrew Douglas

Good luck Kati. Lots of love from the Douglas family


C Jensen

Good luck with your fundraising!



Good luck! Hajrá



Dear Katie, I wish you the best for this great project. And an happy new year! Amicalement, Grégoire


Katalin Pap