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Join our Workout for Water tribe...

... and help us change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

You can fundraise with us, donate now and join our movement to create a fitter planet. 

My Updates

The struggle is real...

One pump down, many to go.  The generosity so far is inspiring but I can't help but think about how easy we have it here in the US.  Large donations are great, but unnecessary.  What we truly need is a large tribe.  One willing to stand up for a cause.  One willing to put in hard work.  One willing to make a difference.


This video hit home how hard these kids have it.  Lets stand up, work hard, and make a difference.

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What a great cause!


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You're amazing! So happy to support you and this cause.


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Get those burpees girl! So proud of you!




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