Ly Nguyen

Help us educate a young girl in Ethiopia and donate to our Workout for Water page...

... this is about raising funds to complete a solar powered water system in the Amhara Regioin of Ethiopia.   

This is about changing the lives of thousands of children... 

This is about giving a girl the opportunity to go to school instead of having to walk five hours each day to fetch water for her village. 

A world with girls who are educated beyond primary school make incredible differences to their community:

  • They run their households more efficiently, meaning healthier homes
  • They learn how to build economic activity for themselves and their family, which leads to more opportunity for their communities,
  • And finally, an educated girl creates harmony within a community.  They have stronger social skills to support other women and children particularly in times of crisis or illness.

Fundraise with us to help a young girl in Ethopia and please donate now ato create a fitter planet. 


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