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My target 42 kms

I'm taking part in Workout for Water...

... to help change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

The challenge for UNICEF staff is to walk a marathon in the week between Saturday 24th - Friday 30th August. 42 kilometres (26 miles) is about the average distance a child walks every week to collect water in parts of Ethiopia.

By supporting me in this challenge, you'll be helping children to have a better future. They won't have to walk for hours every day to collect water; leaving time for more important things like playing with friends or going to school.

You can join me in fundraising or help me to reach my goal by donating to my page here.

All donations are in USD.

My Updates

A big thank you!

Your donations are going to much such an impact on the lives of these kids. And the challenge has given me the momentum I needed to get back into running. I've already made plans to run a 5k with a colleague. It's created this great bond with Ben as he is now my running buddy (when he wakes up early enough). And it's motivated me to join the gym and work on my overall fitness. This Wonder Woman is getting her life back on track and you all played a part in it.


Thank you!

Was that the finish line?

Was that the finish line? Cause I just blew right past it. 48k in 6 days, baby! Now to get to my fundraising goal. So close!

Day 5 - the best jogging partner ever

Last night I told the boys about the challenge. Ben started crying and said it was so sad for the kids. This morning he got up at 6:15 and surprised me by joining me for my jog. He showed me all kinds of nature paths in our neighborhood I didn’t know about. At one point, he grabbed my hand and said "Careful, mom. I don't want you to get hurt. This part is dangerous." Awwww. At one point we turned a corder and saw the fog over the fields and it was just beautiful. I said the only thing that could make this better would be holding hands while jogging. His response? “That’s not too much to ask.” 👫

Today's accomplishment: 8k

Day 4 - waking the zombie

Today was the first day back at work. I had to figure out a way to get my walk in given it was time to go back to the grind. So I decided to get up at 6 (ok so maybe it was more like 6:30) and explore the neighborhood nature paths. This is in my backyard - why has it taken me so long to go explore!

Day 4 total: 7k

Day 3 - the wannabe

For my first day back in reality, I decided that after two years of living here, I'd pretend to be athletic and go to my local running track. Spoiler alert! Running around this track is much less exciting than running around a cruise ship. 

Today's accomplishment: 7k

Day 2 - the airport

As promised, day 2 would not be as glamorous. 6.6k but most at the airport. To make it interesting, I tested whether the tracker was using my steps or the gps distance to measure my distance. I measured on the moving walkway and walking normally next to it. Had I discovered a trick to beat the system? Ha! Nope! The tracker measures my steps and walking the old fashion way was 100 more steps than walking on the moving walkway.

Day 1 in paradise

For day 1 of the challenge, I happened to be on a cruise. I was averaging 9k each day of the cruise and I wish I could count it all. But the challenge started on the last day. Nevertheless I got in 10k. The first 3 were on an outside deck overlooking the rising sun over the sea. It was tough but anything for the kids! LOL. The next 3 were on the dodgeball court which was the top deck of the ship. Not my choice but Ben really wanted to play with his parents so we obliged. At least we had a view. The rest must've been just walking around all over the ship and that's with me not wearing the tracker for the pool time.

With a flight for day 2, I can't imagine the rest of the challenge will be as glamorous.

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