Rachael Newsham

Join our Workout for Water tribe...

... and help us change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

You can fundraise with us, donate now and join our movement to create a fitter planet. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cathryn Shibata



Stay with the fight for the right to clean water!




Anna Edlund

You're the best! ❤


Ralf Gallé

Hi Rach, welcome to Germany! We are a rich country and this is a good opportunity to support a good initiative! Ralf xx



Dearest Rach, you are a genuine and kind person and your passion shows in what you do. You are such an inspiration for a lot of people and I am glad that I am able to join you for this worthy cause. Cheers.



Rachael,I’d line to join the fundraise



Dear Rachael, thank you so much for being so inspiring. I am a Body Combat instructor and each time I need to be strong on stage I look at you on the video one minute before the beginning of the workout, and I am then full of energy :) Thanks a lot to Les Mills to give us the opportunity to change the world on a daily basis ! Workout for water is one of the most beautiful chance we have ! One Tribe


Alessandra Kraft

Dear Rachael, You are a truly inspiring and admirable person not only as an instructor but mainly also as a kind human being. I am very happy to be able support such a noble cause! Sandy


Marie-claire Parker

Hi Rachael, I’m more than happy to take part in this year’s fundraiser (also donated last year) for such a good cause. We don’t know how lucky we are. I am just baffled at all the donations for the rebuilding of Notre Dame. I am French, I know it’s a landmark of Paris but still I believe that, despite the tragedy that over 850 years of history went up in flames, there are still more important issues we, as humans, should be preoccupied with. And this is one of them. Hoping to have the pleasure to see you (and talk to you) later in the year, and hoping to be able to take more pics at Les Mills live events. Kia Kaha


Amy Lee

Hope that we can gather to save he world and change.


Lisa Cotsopoulos

Your awesome and i want to Help.


Aaron Zambrano

Rachael eres lo máximo!!!... mi grano de arena por un mundo mejor. Saludos desde Noruega. #Retrocombat. #Somoslatribu.


Patou Leblans

Dear Rach, As last year I'm happy to participate to raise money for this sooooo important cause. Much Love my friend :-) Big hugs xxx Patou


Chris Wong


Tania Egorova

Dear Rach! I hope that this small amount of money can help at least one child. Thank you!




Sarah Thomas

So happy to donate to someone that inspires me❤