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Workout for Water - UNICEF

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My target 42 kms

I'm taking part in Workout for Water...

... to help change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

The challenge for UNICEF staff is to walk a marathon in the week between Saturday 24th - Friday 30th August. 42 kilometres (26 miles) is about the average distance a child walks every week to collect water in parts of Ethiopia.

By supporting me in this challenge, you'll be helping children to have a better future. They won't have to walk for hours every day to collect water; leaving time for more important things like playing with friends or going to school.

You can join me in fundraising or help me to reach my goal by donating to my page here.

All donations are in USD.

My Updates

Day 3

3 days in and I still haven't worked out how to complete the activity tracker. But I think I have completed 11km so far. Only 31km to go ...

Unimaginable to be surrounded by so much water here in Geneva doing these walks/runs and to think that children in Ethiopia are having to do this every week, carrying huge loads of potentially unsafe water. 

Thank you to my Sponsors



I would have donated without anybody running a marathon for it ! Anyway, you are wonderful people and thank you for doing this job .


David Rimer



Angela Christodoulou



Go Tammy! Hope I'm not too late!


David & Irene Curry

Seems like the very best way to do a marathon! And if it makes a little difference to the world, all the better.


Liz Beebe

Go Tammy!!


Lydia Brinkgreve

Girls power for water power! Count our blessings we have fresh water in our houses- lets spread this basic 'right' global! Great action Tammy!


Clarissa Vorfeld

Good luck Tammy! This sounds like a tough challenge but I know you'll make it. xx Clarissa


Jenny Hewlett

May the road rise with you & the wind be ever at your back. Go Tammy!



Avec tous nos voeux de succès.


Tamima Boutel


Leila Hawa

Go Tammy, go!


Joan S Powers

Good luck, Tammy! Sounds like a great cause. I look forward to catching up with you soon. xxx Joan


Joan Hewlett


Allison Lucas


Diane Klat

good luck


Simona D'amico

Brava Tammy !



Go for it Tammy - you are amazing!


Perry Sayles


Jon Liden

Well done, Tammy!


Melissa B

Go Girl. Keep walkin’


Corina Gugler



Liz Case

Way to go, Tammy!!