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Join our Workout for Water tribe...

... and help us change the world for thousands of children. The funds we raise will help UNICEF to complete the Lega and Yelam Gej multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

You can fundraise with us, donate now and join our movement to create a fitter planet. 

I'm jumping on this wagon, because I believe they deserve this. I believe that every dollar counts, and it will help them go a long way, lifetime access of clean water. Many times we even take water for granted, but they depend on what we can offer, just to have clean water. Treasures of the world are meant to be shared, not just to the privileged but also the underprivileged. With an open heart,  I ask on their behalf, let's raise as much as we can and put smiles on their faces. Thank you so much ♥ -winnie

My Updates

Workout for Water Tees!


HERE's an UPDATE! I've decided to give this idea a shot, and with much consultations from my friends (you know who you are and I am utterly grateful-), we came up with this tee!

We used the original logos from the Workout for Water page itself, as well as Move the World, to direct a message that this is what the shirt is all about- THE FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN- providing clean sustainable water to communities in Ethiopia for them to live better. Why BLACK? Because why NOT? haha. I just thought it's a safe colour for everyone. Maybe one day we can have an event for the cause, a 90 minute jam perhaps, who knows? I had my doubts that I can really make a change, but time went and proved to me that small can make a difference. EFFORT can make a difference. and WILL can make a difference. we can really move the world. I thought, who would join forces with me and do this anyways? But you people just proved to my eyes, people do care about the world. Something that stuck to me for a while is that, we're always expecting somebody else to do it. WHICH IS TRUE. I do that too. But why can't we be the bigger person and do it too? We have our parts to play. 

You guys, this is a movement that will totally help me achieve a dream (some of you might know this) so out of reach, but I'd still hope to give it a go, it's a step closer than not trying at all. It's an opportunity of a LIFETIME.. This value Les Mills taught from EVERY MODULE is to be BRAVE. I shiver at the thought. I step on stage teaching every class with anxiety, I shiver under my breath, but Les Mills taught to be BRAVE. This step I take, to make a difference.

Back to square one. THIS SHIRT- proceeds will go to raising the funds, just topping it up to where we can go. Price: $27 each. Alterations such as LONG SLEEVES or WOMEN'S CUTS can be made with add on charges. Just let me know DM/PM/Whatsapp/ or just talk to me and i'll get your order placed.

So skip that starbucks today and GIVE WATER to ETHIOPIA! 

Winnie xx

Thank You

I know this looks like merely a small step.

People always say there's someone else to do it. 

Why don't we? I'm gonna try and be someone too. It's gonna be hard. I don't even know if I can pull off one water pump. But it starts from believing. It starts from a first step. It starts from somewhere. The power of doing good together. 

There is good in all of us. Give water, give life. There is still hope for them. 


Thank you for those who have contributed, YOU ROCK. ♥ 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Workout For Water T Shirt Sale

First batch of orders of the T-shirts are finally placed. As promised, the proceeds will be donated to this cause. Thanks to everyone's support and purchasing the T-shirt, couldn't have done it without you guys. They should be ready by mid-september, hopefully all goes well. Will keep everyone updated on their shirts. You still can place your orders and proceeds will still go to this cause. I will be collecting orders until the end of the year. Thanks everyone for your contribution. Keep going, xx


Winnie - Ms Fitness Dance Club

This comes from my few hours of teaching some amazing kids a little bit of dancing. I hope these kids have found love in dance through my classes. Technically this token came from them. I hope I've managed to impact my girls here, and change the lives of more people there in Ethiopia. Let's make a difference.


Wendy Chong

Good Luck Winnie! All the best with your fund raising 2019




Workout For Water T-shirt Sale #2

This one comes from second batch of T-shirt Sale. Thank you for the generous support from everyone. Hopefully we'll keep going and keep sharing the love because we've got lots of love to share. So thank you, my friends. ONE TRIBE!


Hamba Allah

For UNICEF workout for water fundraising !


Occasional Front Row Jammer

Hi, I know you've hit your mark, but this is a little bit from me. Thanks for sharing 100% energy and passion always, and I hope you know that your classes make my day.. This one goes to you, and Ethiopia.. Go get it!



Here's to clean water for Ethiopia and your "dream"! Hit that goal and I hope to see you on that stage!!


Patricia Bouvet


Occasional Jammer


Joclin Wuchunbest



You are brave, courageous & one of a kind. Thank you for being an inspiration!! <3



Thank you for reaching out to us to lend a helping hand to those in need.


Ivan Saputra

Good luck Winnie!




Joyce H

Good luck


Hayati Salleh




Cecilia Pau

Good Luck!



Bless you for doing this meaningful work!



Balance Love


Ms Iman And Farhanah


Winnie Chong





Cynthia Hii



All the best!


Lim Pw




T Shirt Sale Batch 2 (extras)

the remaining few from T-shirt Sale... Thank you all.


Mimi A

Good Luck !


Jubur Ku Hitam




Mr Dimples

this is all I have. if can donate fats, I would.